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TORO Bowie Pre-race Recon

Got a new High Def camcorder for helmetcam footage (Aiptek Action HD).  SD card video cams are getting so small and light now!  I just mounted the camcorder directly to my helmet.  Didn’t even use a special helmet cam set up.  Quality is much better and set up is easier.  No more wires and batteries to contend with.

TORO Prerace Recon – Bowie, TX 10/26/08 from scott chidester on Vimeo.


TORO Bulcher Pre-Race Recon

Pre-Race recon for the last race of the 2007-2008 TORO motorcycle racing season.


TORO Pre-race recon – Bells, TX

For the 2007-2008 TORO race series we are creating multi-media pre-race recons for our members. This will feature images served from flickr, helmet cam footage from youtube, and geo located images on a google map at various points on the race track. Here is the 1st TORO pre-race recon for race #701 Bells, TX (11/18/07).

TORO Pre-race recon - Bells, TX


MT Bike Flex App

The mt bike flex trail map is finally live! There are currently 7 trails listed. We should be able to add more soon. Most of the trails have dried up now. The trails around Grapevine are still under water though. I have the process to add new trails down now. It is not a quick or easy process but at least it is a process that works! - Dallas/Ft Worth Mt Bike Trails


Summer is here!

The trails are starting to dry out! What a crazy spring we have had. Finally we are able to get out and ride some trails. Rode Sister Grove, Oak Cliff Nature Preserve, and Beavers Bend recently. Should have the GPS map, pics and helmet cam video up on the site soon. Once I get a few more tracks added I will make the Mt Bike Trail app live.


Rain, Rain and more Rain

We have had a ton of rain here in North Texas. It is good that our lakes are filled back up after a few years of drought. However, this is not good for Mt Biking! The Mt Bike Google maps/Flickr/YouTube/Flex application is ready to go. We just need the trails to dry out so we can map the trails!

We have done a few test runs with the helmet cam & GPS system on cement and gravel trails. The quality of the video & pictures need to be improved but the app seems to be working well.


Helmet Cam

Finally got all the equipment in for my helmet cam system. Had it out 2x’s to record the Denton Branch Rail Trail & Campion Trail in Irving. Neither are true MT Bike trails, but they are good rides to test the equipment on. Everything works pretty slick. Wish the quality was better, but it is acceptable for now.  YouTube compresses the video a lot so the quality is not very good.  The original footage is much clearer.  Here is an example video: