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Flex/Degrafa Meter on

The Flex/Degrafa meter I created is now included on the degrafa site under samples. They have some pretty amazing samples there, so I feel honored to be included on their site.


Flex Degrafa Meter

The Degrafa graphics framework for Flex is very slick. I have been using it on my flex real-time monitoring applications. Here is a configurable meter that I created using Degrafa. Feel free to use it if you find it useful.

Flex Degrafa Meter

Flex Degrafa Meter


Adobe Max

Just got back from Adobe Max! 3 very full days of Flex and ColdFusion. They put on an excellent event.

Some of the presentations are on AdobeTV. The presentation by Deepa Subramaniam on Creating New Components in Flex 3 & Beyond was the most informative session I attended. Very in-depth and excellent presentation.

08 – vehicle mpg rating flex app

Have some new updates to You can now view an Adobe Flex application that dynamically shows commuting costs on the individual vehicle pages. Here is the page for the Toyota Prius Hybrid-Electric car. Toyota Prius mpg ratings

Pricing Configurator

The pricing model for the company I work for is very complex. Even the sales people have a difficult time giving customers accurate pricing. I put together a pricing configurator in Flex for the sales force and customers to easily configure their products and view accurate pricing. The application is driven off a master pricing xml file and is flexible to handle many different pricing options.

Flex pricing configurator


The cost of fuel is getting really bad! I am beginning to wonder if I would actually save money by trading in my old gas guzzling 1996 Explorer with the V8 for a more economical new car. If gas prices get high enough the fuel savings would be enough to make the payments on a new car. So, to make the comparison easy I created a flex app to do all the calculations for me. I thought other people might find it useful so I made a site for the application ( The database includes over 1000 2008 model vehicles with detailed fuel efficiency data to compare.

MpgGenie - flex application to compare new vehicle mpg ratings and commuting costs
If I were to get a Toyota Prius and gas goes over $4/gallon, the savings in fuel each month would pay for the new car payments! It is getting very tempting…….

Flex Real Time Monitoring App

I have been working on a real-time monitoring application in Flex. It connects to a server through a socket connection and receives 1 second readings of various types and plots them on graphs. The application is under 500k and the 1 second readings are very small. Flex is a perfect platform for this type of application.

Real-time monitoring Flex app